major case----traumatic cataract
question were--
positive findings???
avascular structure of eye?
blood supply of retina
feature of traumatic cataract
b scan ultrasonography???
managment of this patient
wat is after cataract??? types???managment???
feature of diabetic cataract???
minor case----thermal injury of eye & surrounding area
external were from gujrat...he was much intelligent than other examiners
he did not a single question from case...
he open a new image in his laptop n ask diagnosis of the image???
image was showing corneal ulcer with hypopyon 
questions......type of viral keratitis ....n managment

pin hole ---identification n use
optic nerve guide---identification n 2 use???
concave cylindrical lens----identification n use???astigmatism 
superior rectus holding forceps----identification n use??? why distance of tip n z shape curve is 7 mm ????

all ophthamic drugs praparation n use