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Thread: Why Tracheal Stenosis is more common in First Tracheal Ring..?

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    Thumbs up Why Tracheal Stenosis is more common in First Tracheal Ring..?

    Why Tracheal Stenosis is more common in First Tracheal Ring..?

    Our resident Doctor asked me this Question...That if we do high tracheostomy than this is the problem..

    I think that it is due to the fact that 1 st tracheal ring is complete ring..So Perichondritis if happens constricts whole trachea from all sides...Other trachel ring are perhaps not complete..They are not continuous posteriorly..

    I dont know the specific answer but this is my opinion...I even dont know perhaps thai I am right in my thought that only 1 st tracheal ring is complete or not..But I have Given the answer which logically suits to the question..

    What you say..!!
    Thank you GOD

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    ya that may be the case......... but also perichondritis of cricoid can occur if t'stomy done tho' 1st ring.... so more inflammation . more scaring... and stenosis...
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    Are you talking about tracheal stenosis when performing high tracheostomy??

    If yes, then the answer is because the 1st tracheal ring is very close to the vocal cords. Even the slightest irritation of the vocal cord will cause them to adduct strongly and closure of trachea occurs.

    Perichondritis will take some time to occur and cannot explain the stricture which is sudden and abrupt response.

    Perhaps, i'm wrong...Come on seniors, tell us the correct answer....

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