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Histologic Definition of :

1. Macula

2. Fovea

3. Foveola

4. Posterior pole

5. Macula lutea

6. Umbo

7. Central retina

8. Parafoveval zone

9. Area centralis

10. Perifoveal zone

11. Fovea centralis

12. Clivus

13. Light reflex


1. Peripheral limit at the site where the ganglion cells are reduced to a single layer
2. A depression in the inner retinal surface,the photoreceptor layer of which is entirely cones
3.the central floor of the fovea where the inner nuclear layer and ganglion cell layer are absent
4. + 5. same as 1. they are synonyms
6. Small central concavity of the floor of the foveola
7. same as 1. synonym
8.outermost limit where the ganglion cell layer, inner nuclear layer and Henle's layer are thickest
9.same as 1.synonym
10.from the outer most limit of the parafovea to the outermost limit of the macula
11.same as 2. synonym
12. + 13.same as 6 synonyms