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Thread: Why Complete Vesicular mole cannot be 46YY..??

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    Thumbs up Why Complete Vesicular mole cannot be 46YY..??

    Why Complete Vesicular mole cannot be 46YY..??

    Complete H-mole

    ◎ Pathology
    - lack embryonic or fetal tissues
    - chorionic villi → generalized hydatidiform swelling
    & diffuse trophoblastic hyperplasia

    ◎ Chromosomes
    - usually have a 46,XX
    - molar chromosomes are entirely of paternal origin
    - ovum nucleus may be either absent or inactivated

    - 10% : 46,XY

    So Question arises that why two 23Y,23Y sperm cannot form one complete mole..??

    A 46YY mole has not been reported because the X chromosome is necessary for survival...SO complete mole cant be 46YY...
    Also, Partial mole cannot be of 69YYY..It can be 69XXX or 69XXY or 69 XYY, But never 69YYY...
    Thank you GOD

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    Is it that every time a sperm fertilizes an empty ovum that a complete mole will surely result??

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