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Thread: Clinical obstetrics viva

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    Wink Clinical obstetrics viva

    FAQ in Clinical obstetrics

    Answer of all/ any question and mention question no. while answering.

    Continue adding such frequently asked and basic as well as typical questions asked in exams and important for knowledge purpose.

    Let's see who can give maximum answer.
    I may send him/her a gift.

    1. Various methods to calculate gestational age.

    2. Why at 32 & 36weeks, fundal height is same? how can you differentiate the two?

    3. Signs of onset of labour.

    4. Signs of seperation of placenta.

    5. What are Braxton-Hicks contrations and their purpose?

    6. Why head is ballotable?

    7. How to differentiate between true and false labour pains?

    8. How can you say form distance that patient has entered into 2nd stage of labour?

    9. What is crowing and Why crowing occurs?

    10. Why LOA position is most common? Why cephalic presentation is most common?

    11. What is deep transverse arrest?

    12. What do you mean by contracted pelvis? Difference between contracted pelvis and CPD?

    13. How to locate ant. shoulder and importance of it? Why FHS heard best at ant. shoulder or back only?

    14. Why head engaged at 37week? Causes of non-engaged in primigravida at term.

    15. Different methods to confirm FHS.

    16. What is non-stress test?

    17. What do you mean by antepartum fetal surveillance?How it is done?

    18. Differentiate between ant. fontanelle fomr post. fontanelle.

    19. Define asynclitism, mouling and it's importance.

    20. Diff. between Caput succedaneum and cephal Hematoma.

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    no one have answers?

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    Give answers!

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    1.naegels formula- from LMP calculate total duration in wks
    or from d back from EDD...subtract no. of days remaining to edd from 40 wks if it is towards end
    or from date of fruitul coitus+280-14 days
    or arbitrarily from SFH

    2. because fundal ht rises upto 36 wks n again lowers due to engagement of d foetal head. At 36 wks head engaged n flanks full
    3. lightening, false labour pains??
    5.painless intermittent uterine contractions head is floatin freely it can e felt between d 2 hands

    7.true labour pain-progressive increase in duration n intensity, radiatin to inner thigh n back, relaxations in between
    not so in false pain
    9. crowning??? in mechanism of labour when foetal biparietal dia stretches vulva

    12. contracted pelvis-shortened pelvic diametres causing alteration in normal labour
    CPD- disparity in normal relation between foetal head n maternal pelvis...the former is a cause of CPD

    18.Ant. frontanelle-diamond shaped.closes at 1.5yrs
    post-triangular, smaller, closes around 6 months

    19.mouldin- overlappin of various cranial suture in ordr to expel d head durin delivery
    asynclitism-tiltin of d skull towards one of d shoulders

    20.cephalhematoma- blood between d pericranium n skull bone, limited by suture lines, due to injury
    caput succedenum-serous fluid between scalp subcutaneous tissue n skull bone, present durin birth n not limited by sutures

    pls give d correct answers n also detect my mistakes

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