1)ANATOMY OF EAR- MacEwen's triangle, malleus, auricle

2)PHYSIOLOGY OF EAR- impedence matching mechanism

3)Audiology and acoustics- noise , masking

4)Assessment of hearing- hearing loss , tuning fork test , false negative rinne,abc test , gelle's test , audiometric test, impedence audiometry , tympanometry,short increment sensitivity test , threshhold tone decay test , evoked response audiometry , auditory brain stem response

5)Hearing loss- tympanoplasty , types of tympanoplasty , myringoplasty , sensory neural hearing loss , ototoxicity , presbycusis

6)Assessment of vestibular functions-fistula test , romberg test , hallpike manoeuvre,caloric test ,

7)Disorders of vestibular system-bppv , wallenberg's syndrome

8)Diseases of external ear- pre auricular pit or sinus , bat ear , perichondritis , malignant otitis externa,otomycosis , impacted wax , keratosis obturens , traumatic rupture of tympanic membrane , tympanosclerosis

9)Eustachian tube and its disorders- ostmann's pad of fat

10)Disorder's of middle ear- asom , otitis media with effusion , otitic barotrauma

11)Choleteatoma , csom , tubercular otitis media

12)Complications of suppurative otitis media- complications , acute mastoiditis , abscesses in relation to mastoid infection , masked mastoiditis , gradenigo syndrome , labyrinthitis, lateral sinus thrombophlebitis , otitic hydrocephalus

13)Otosclerosis- otosclerosis , stapedectomy

14)Facial nerve- course , bells palsy , melkersson's syndrome , ramsay hunt syndrome ,complications of facial paralysis-crocodile tears , freys syndrome

15)Meniere's disease

16)Tumours of external ear- pre auricular sinus or cyst

17)Tumours of middle ear-glomus tumour

18)Acoustic neuroma

19)Deaf child-treacher collins syndrome

20)Rehabilitation- hearing aids , cochlear implants