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Thread: my univ viva..

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    Smile my univ viva..

    Examiner:1:What is choking?
    Me:Form of asphyxia due to obstrn of air passages blah blah blah..
    Examiner:No..I mean what is choking in forensic ballistics??
    Me:Ahem ahem..

    Him:Ok.What is rifling?

    Him:When you say a rifle is of 22 bore wat exactly do u mean?
    Me:Ummm....(well, i never said any rifle was of any bore)..

    Silence for some time..

    Me:...(why this obsession with ballistics))..Err..Sir..I have nt studied forensic ballistics

    Then he asked me about burns-degrees,dupuytren's classification,complications,rule of nine,etc.

    Examiner 2:
    Methods of determining time since death
    Rectal temperature-What is the thermometer used?how deep is it inserted?
    Earliest sign of decomposition.
    First life and second life test.

    Examiner 3
    What is voyeurism?
    Caffey syndrome?
    Definitive signs of pregnancy.
    Indications for MTP
    Definitive finding in a case of bestiality.

    Examiner 4
    This was our hod
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