1- Before the exam try to memorize how to take history and try to watch some examination videos.

2- Make easy schedules and mind maps for yourself , in the exam you are nervous so you will not remember every thing you studied.

2- Remember the examiner doesn't hate you and he is not your enemy.

3- You are still medical student , you are not supposed to know every thing so relax as much as possible.

4- Common cases in real life are more common in OSCE Exams , also Classical presentation in more common in the exams.

5- You have to treat the patient well , ask about his name and shake his/her hands.

6- Stand in the right side to the patient and don't forget to wash your hands.

7- Keep your smile , It is something positive.

8- Dont forget the time , 1 minute may save a patient in real life so they like to examine your capabilities to achieve the task in limited time.

9- Try to explain for the examiner what you are doing as much as possible.