NRMP 2010 results & Important dates

I hope Geeks from our fourm got matched and wishing them all the best for their future.

Congratulations to all those who're matched.

Please mention your result and where you've been matched and which branch.

Also add some tips & advice regarding preparation for USMLE.

*Users who'll answer following questions and who have been matched, will get two month free premium membership@MedicalGeek.*

* = Upto Best 20 users will be selected among all who will post their interview.

* = If you're already premium user, you'll get free premium account@MedicalGeek to gift to your friend/gf or alternative gift will be provided.
If you've any problem in posting your interview/Registration, email your interview and answers to following questions at

Answer following questions:

-What's your score in each steps. Also mention about your CV and USCE.

-Since when you were preparing for USMLE? How many months you've prepared for each steps.

-Which books you've read apart from Kaplan Notes and any other lectures apart from Kaplan Videos.

-What was your reading schedule? How many weeks for different subjects? Which books/materials in each subject? How many time have you revised?

-What have you read in last month and last week before steps?

-Have you joined any coaching classes? Your reviews regarding the same. Advice others regarding pros and cons of coaching.

-Have you joined any testseries apart from USMLEWORLD?

-Any other advice and tips you want to share.