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Thread: Step 2 within 3 months?

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    Default Step 2 within 3 months?

    Hello Guys:

    I am now preparing for Step 2, and frankly I need to finish my preparation and take an exam within 3 months.

    So I would like to ask you about the resources of study:

    As a review book: boards & wards (3rd edition), secret.
    Internal Medicine: Kaplan 2008 2009.
    Surgery: Kaplan 2008 2009.
    Pediatrics: Kaplan 2008 2009, Pretest.
    Obs/Gyn: Kaplan 2008 2009 or High-Yield (which one is better)
    Psychiatric & Biostatistics: Kaplan 2008 2009.
    Questions resources: UW, Qbank, First Aid (Q&A).
    I also intend to see Kaplan DVDs as a supplement..
    So is it enough to pass the exam with flying colors?!
    I am waiting for your advice.
    Thanks in advance.

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    yeah pls someone give an honest answer i myself am planning to give step 2 in a minimum time period and plus i havent given step 1 yet
    so the preparation plan this friend has mentioned will this be enough

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    FA isn't all that great for step 2 ck. Also add USMLE Medical Ethics - 100 cases you are most likely to see on the exam. Good luck.

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