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Thread: PLAB -July 2005 & March 2006 Recall

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    Post PLAB -July 2005 & March 2006 Recall

    PLAB July,2005 Recall

    1. poisoning (salicylates, alcohol, paracetamol, digoxin etc.)
    2. s/e of anti epileptics (gum hypertrophy, dec. Na+, liver failure)
    3. s/e of anti psychotics (nuetropenia, cardiotoxic, parkinson, anticholinergic, hyperprolactinemia & galactorrhea)
    4. CVS theme (cxr with ecg findings, MI, Pulm embolism, ruptured esophagus, calcified node or costochondritis)
    5. croup prognosis if left untreated.
    6. pictures from derma (herpes, spider nevi, neurofibroma, erythema nod., septic enceph)
    7. Renal tubular acidosis type IV, Inc. K+ and Inc. Cl-
    8. Anti partum hemorrhage theme (blood transfusion, vaccination, synto, re open etc.)
    9. CA ovary (-ve USG go for CA125, h/o debulking surg. now intest. obst. 2 questions on recurrence do CT pelvis)
    10. theme on Dementia (old man, old woman, senile, alzhiemers, vascular, lewy body)
    11. s/s of psychiatric illness (Depression, Bipolar disorder, post partum psychosis etc.)
    12. SBA on post partum depression.
    13. d/x of fetal problems b4 birth (double buble sign, fetal echo for card. disease, amniocentesis, chorionic villous sampling, fetal anatomy)
    13. tumor peri vulval region.
    14. tumor involving thyroid + sternocleidomastoid.
    15. vaginal discharge (Shut Up. part has STD, B/L Iliac fossa pain, clue cells, shallow ulcers, blood after micturating)
    16. SBA risk of CA ovary (+ve family history)
    17. theme on pelvis infections (deep dysparunia, supra pubic pain etc.)
    18. use of anesthesia (foreign body cornea, c-section, excision of cyst, IOL implantation)
    19. shipyard worker with opacity on cxr + effusion (mesothelioma)
    20. paeds (child wid h.o bleeding from mouth + broken tongue fenulum, kid with foster mother, h.o fract. in school 5 times in last 3 months, baby with 3 fract. post. ribs, father deaf wat 2 c in Baby i think LFT i.e. alport, child with retinal hemorrhage )
    21. Ca tonsil (ulcer on tonsil with otalgia)
    22. etiology of resp diseases (bronchiolitis, child hood asthma, cystic fibrosis, ciliary diskinesia)
    23. sba on fracture of scaphoid.
    24. back pain epidemiolgy (5 statements each for Ankylosis, RA, OA, osteoprosis etc.)
    25. investigation for palipation (5 questions, tsh, ecg)
    26. h/o fall (TIA, syncope, post. hypotension etc.)
    27. endocrinal d/x (adisonian, hyperthyroid, prolactinoma, acromegaly, conns syndrome)
    28. invest of headache (temp. arterietis, basilar arty isch, facial art. injury, temporal bone fracture)
    29. fracture s1 level of spinal cord.
    30. wat structures are pierced when v pass b/w in way of ant. sup. ilac spine & umblicus while
    doing laparoscopy.
    31. theme on trauma (spleen injury, ureter, kidney, bronchus pericard. effusion)
    32. T.M of pneumonia (allergic to penicillin, HIV+ve, bilat. basal patch, IV abuser)
    33. Theme on elect. disturbance (hypokalemia paralytic ileus, hyponat., hypoglycemia etc.)
    34. theme on pat. with inc. creat. wat 2 do (ans. renal dialysis)
    35. CVS theme (post MI bradycardia, pacemaker, pt with afib, beta blocker etc. )
    36. peptic ulcer theme (z/E syndrome, stool for occult blood, curling ulcers)
    38. a patient found unconcsious with synringes and needles in his luggage (probably diabetic with insulin needles)
    37. some theme abt IV drug abuse.

    38. Young girl with abdominal pain, which get settled during school vacations and holidays, pain has been so severe that she was sent home from school several times. (abdominal angina)

    39. Women wakes up at midnite with feeling of thumps on chest, takes 2-3 breaths, and settle down. (investigation of choice)

    40. girl with h/o 6 months, asymmetrical weakness, loss of vision in one eye and unable to move one leg (multiple sclerosis)

    41. diseases and their causative cells , Multiple myeloma- plasma cells ,Ganglioblastoma multiforme- Astrocyte ,AML- neutrophil precursor ,Rhabdomyosarcoma- skeletal muscle cell

    42. woman with progressive weakness of one side with headache (SOL brain)

    43. seasonal changes in mood (seasonal depression)

    44. use of eye drops (increased IOP, corneal ulcer non infective, corneal abrasion, allergic conjuctivitis, drug not 2 b given in MI/asthma)

    45. women who smokes 30 cig. a day, has DVT in last pregnancy, and 4 yrs back had surgery for varicose vein, now present with ulcer above ankle with skin changes around it.

    46. patient p/c of mucus with blood (i.e. ulcerative colitis) t/m : mesalizine.

    47. stenosis of 3 parts of large gut on enema + rose thorn ulcer. d/x crohn's disease.

    48. pt had his lower GI endoscopy & biopsy from tranv. colon, presents with rt shoulder tip pain & tense abt, wat to do (CXR erect)

    49. ulcer 12 cm from anal verge, rest all GI normal (solitary rectal ulcer)

    50. barrets esophagus is ??? (sqamous cell metaplasia)

    51. kid present with 6 hr history of pain in L testicle, its tender to touch (torsion)

    52. theme urinary conditions (clots with urine invest.?? retention after injury, s/s of UTI?? frank hematuria)

    53. progressively increasing jaundice with pale stools, patient over 70 (Dx CA pancreas)

    54. alcoholic with Inc. Alk.P04, cause (alcohol definitely)

    55. kid with swollen knee joint after sore throat, single d/x invest. (ASO titre)

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    Post PLAB - March 2006 Recall

    PLAB - March 2006 Recall

    1. Lawyer fearful and anxious to talk in public……cognitive therapy
    2. Female patient with depressive symptoms
    3. Mother anxious to go on a plane………beta blockers
    4. Man admitted in the ward with presentation of delirium……Diazepam
    5 A young boy has a painless soft swelling in the rt. scrotum, it is blue in colour and compressible. What is the best management?
    6 driver in a car accident hit the steering wheel; B.P and pulse in both arms were different. Widened mediastinum
    7 Female presenting with lower abdominal pain features of…… appendicitis
    8. Female presenting with lower abdominal pain features of…….ruptured ectopic pregnancy
    9. Female presenting with lower abdominal pain features of……ruptured peptic ulcer
    10. Female presenting with lower abdominal pain features of….pancreatitis
    11. 85yr old bedridden man with palpable distended bladder, stoke pt., with a soft indenting mass felt on the LIF. No loss of wt or bleeding p/r. answer was faecal impaction.
    12. 55y man with macroscopic hematuria........ bladder ca
    13. man has hematuria and mass felt in lt. loin.........renal cell ca.
    14. one Q on ureteric colic
    15- Male with antero septal infarction----Normal Chest xray
    16- 2- Women undergoing oesophageal dilatation, now unwell -----free mediastinal gas
    17- Patient with Hx of diverticulitis, now present with rigid abdomen-----Gas under diaphragm
    18- Women stabbed in chest---now breathless----Pneumothorax
    19- Patient, fever 39 C, mid zone consolidation---pneumonia
    20 Fungating odour from breast---metronidazole gel
    21 Haloperidol-----intractable hiccups
    22 Man presents with sup. vena cava Obs , has Hx of bronchial Ca--- dexamethasone tablets
    23 Man underwent radiotherapy for prostate CA, now with P/R bleeding----Prednisolone supp
    24 Increased thirst, polyurea, with Hx of some CA-------Bisphosphonates
    25- 2 yr child, cant get I/V line----interosseous line
    26- Child aged 12…cant get IV line----Central venous line
    27- Child with burns on chest, upper limbs 10 %-----20 ml /Kg
    28- Burns patient with soot, signed nasal hairs, noisy breathing-----Endo intubation
    29- Burns child, low BP--------Dobutamine
    30- telengectisias, raynaud’s phenomena------Anti centromere Antibody
    31- female, pruritis, increased gamma GT------Antimitochondrial antibody
    32- rash on cheeks, photophobia-----Anti dsDNA
    33- Something about thyroid Sx----anti thyroid peroxidase
    34- Male patient, pale looking, with some paresthesia..?? in lowerlimbs---antibody to intrinsic factor
    35- Achilles tendon rupture-----surgical repair
    36- Child, pain in knee while playing football, next day walking normal, only pain, no swelling, pain not relieved by paracetamol-----Ibuprofen
    37- Child, pain in knee, already getting 50% NO and 02, patella found to be laterally shifted----manipulation???
    38- Female, 14 wks pregnant, falls, with swelling on ankle--crutches weight bearing support
    39- female with swelling in inguinal region, abd. pain and distension--hernia repair ( urgent)
    40- ship yard worker, with discomfort swelling in inguinal region ----Hernia repair ( planned)
    41- child 9 month old, on crying, swelling appears----Herniotomy
    42- Male 9 yr old, swelling inguinal region-----Hernia repair (planned)
    43- Female with Hx of MI, had hysterectomy done, lower abd scar, swelling protruding beneath it, reducible------abdominal support
    44 one typical Q about ruptured aortic anuerysm: pulsatile abd. mass with low bp and increased pulse. young man thin and tall.
    45 ankylosing spondylitis….. x-ray lumbosacral spine
    46 diagnosis of MS……. MRI brain
    47 pituitary fossa problem………MRI pituitary
    48 villous adenoma- hypokalemia
    49 pyloric stenosis , vomitting, dehydration- metabolis alkalosis
    50 post radiation confusion, constipation, thirst in a female rx for breast ca- hypercalcemia
    51 after operation breathlessness and jvp raised………….fluid overload
    52 Child sits at back of class, cant read the black board----spectacles with concave lens
    53 Patient, headache, pain in eye since 2-3 days, dilated & fixed pupil-----Glaucoma surgery
    54 Patient with SLE on steroids, presents with bilateral opacities---ECCO with lens implant
    55 Man, can see distant vision well, but cant read newspaperin artificial light----i think its astigmatism cylindrical lens
    56 clue cells in the smear of the discharge- bacterial vaginosis.
    57 white discharge in a female which shows mycelia on microscopy- candida
    58 vulval shallow painful ulcers- herpes
    59 last one was with h/o PID and on investigation no gonococcus found ........ans chlamydia.
    60 Man with increasing abdominal distention, general condition well, spider nevi present, which Rx would u like to start- spironolactone
    61 Child brought with 8 hr Hx of sore throat, saliva dribbling, what to do next? Epiglottis, call anesthetist
    62 Child 18 months old episode of sweet getting stuck up In the throat, has been cleared now, parents are worried and ask if it happens again, what do we do? Back slaps and chest thrusts
    62 pt symptomatic despite using 2-3 times inhaled bronchodilator , also wheeze at night …..inhaled corticosteroids
    63 women with ch. asthma comes with severe wheeze and cough-nebulised beta agonist
    64 pt develops oral candidiasis while being stable using 1000microg of steroid …..decrease da dose
    65 Female 68 yrs old, has had a low level Right forearm FRACTURE , what will u do to prevent more fractures in future:?
    66 - teacher, presents with hoarseness-----vocalcord nodules
    67 - smoker, 8 weeks Hx of hoarseness-----laryngeal CA
    68 - Hoarseness following thyroidectomy----recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy
    69 - 1 week Hx of resp tract infection, coryza------acute laryngitis
    70 - Female, husband died 5 weeks agom whispers on and off, can cough normally-----functional dysphonia
    71 swollen leg hot, painful and indurated. STREP PYOGENES
    72 axillary abcess STAPH AUREUS
    73 i think there was one on candida ???
    74 PT ON ANTIBIOTIC develops diarrhoea -> clost. difficile
    75 pt previously healthy with dry cough, increasing breathlessness, x-ray shows patchy consolidation all over the lung feild.......(MYCOPLASMA))))
    76 there was a Q in the hematuria: Asian male with cough and loss of wt shows microscopic hematuria. ans: kidney TB
    77 A man brings his wife into A&E after finding her unconscious at home. He says that at breakfast time, she had complained of a sudden headache and had vomitted. She took paracetamol and aspirin for the pain. She is now in A&E with a low GCS. CT scan
    78 there was a question regarding a young child with non blanching erythematous papules on the lower extremities with facial erythema. what investigation will u do for him?????
    79 child with 5 % burns what is the treatment of choice?
    80 child with ???? orbital tumor, as understood from the history, or proptosis, what is the best investigation to be done --> CT scan i believe.
    81 and a child whos short for his age with some other features--> not typical of cystic fibrosis, but i believe that was the closest answer.
    82 the pt whos anorexic. --> compulsory detention was my answer. b/c in ohcs it mentions, if there is any danger to one owns life we must detain.
    83 and other psychi question regarding the pt in the medical ward had an operation or something done for him. and hes worried or in panic. what method of treatment will u use.
    84 - arrythymiasm dry mouth---amytriptiline
    85 - pin point pupils, hypotension------Morphine
    86 - Ataxia, slurred speech ----alcohol
    87 - Visual disturbances, bradycardia-----Digoxin
    88 - Hypotension only, no dec R/R-----atenolol
    89 - liver failure after 4 days....paracetamol
    90 . Most common form of dementia in UK ............ Alzheimer's Dementia
    91 . Characterized by neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques....... Alzheimer's
    92 . Hypertensive patient ............ multi infarct
    93 . Respond to anti depressant............ pseudodementia
    94 . Increased disinhibition and preservation of intellect....... frontal
    95 the child who plays football, then developed itchiness - something like that
    Answer... 25 day Progesterone
    98 something about a gardener who got a thorn A&E initial resuscitaion done...getting his finger dressed....and suddenly develops perioral itching ,hunger and collapses? He was given anti tetanus and penciliin oral ………………Answer is anaphlaxis other close option was staphlocoocus sepsis but anaphlaxis is da right answer
    99 girl complaining of primary dysmenorrhea ….COCP
    100 women aged 30 compalinign of menorrhagia …mefanamic acid
    101. person on vegan diet with macroytosis and anemia ...... b12 diet def.
    102. Pernicios anemia one....... b12 malabsorption
    103. patient complaining of weight loss,loss stools with microcytinc hypochromic anemia with anti endomysial antibodies positive! .... iron malabsoprtion
    104. A 60 y/o man presents feeling unwell with lymphadenopathy and spleenomegaly. His peripheral lymphocyte count is 500 10 9/ L……….ch. leukemia
    105. A 60 year old man is being treated with cyclophosphamide for fibrosing alveolitis. His Hb level is 6.2 g/dl, with normal red cell parameters, a platelet count of 100 10 9 /L and a white cell count of 2.0 10 9 /L………..aplastic anemia
    106. One was a man presenting with central chest pain after MI and had an ECG with ST elevation ----> acute pericarditis.
    107. Another one was a man presenting 2 weeks after an anterior MI with fever, chest pain, high ESR---> basically symptoms of Dressler's.
    108. One with a man presenting abt 2 months after an MI with breathlessness and chest pain after walking up a hill ...this was Right Ventricular Strain I think.
    109. There was also another one with a patient presenting with mitral regurgitation...I marked Papillary muscle ruture.
    110. LV aneurysm...I rem thinking that because the patient was presenting quite 4-6 weeks or something like that
    111 There was also a cardiology theme........ I remember only 1 question sumthing abt SVT and carotid sinus massage and valsalva man. step................ADENOSINE 112 Pt, 20s, female, with wt loss and loose bowel motion with mucus for 3 months. Lower abdominal pain also. My answer::: Inflammatory bowel DISEASE...
    113 Pt , asthmatic, on inhalers of steriods and beta agonists, still symptomatic
    My answer::: Oral theophylline (agree with yasir)
    114 eldery pt, after stroke, in some kind of a hostel or eldery care house, developed sever itching and erythema on her body, lines on her hand and feet. My answer::: chlorpheneramine..
    115. child presented after a trip in the forest with a bite on the foot......answer probably was test for lymes dissease....remember this one???
    116 ADULT POLYCYSTIC kidney DISEASE (U make it out from history)
    117. branchial cyst …….?
    118. cystic hygroma ……..?
    119. thyroglossal cyst ………..?
    120. hard thyroid mass …………..?
    121 diagnostic x ray finding of a patient with signs and symptoms of tuberculosis...cant remember the exact scenario
    122 patient with excessive bronchial secretions....not able to expectorate....the answer was hyoscine
    123. scabies …….Malathion
    124. A 30 yr old business man has palpitations and urinary frequency. He is sweating. His urine dipstick is +ve for glucose and ketones. His plasma glucose is 26mmol. ans) type 1 diabetes
    125. A 65 yr old woman has a recurrent vaginal itch. she has BMI of 33. Random BLOOD GLUCOSE is 15 mmol. ans) type 2 diabetes
    126. A 55 yr old man has glycosuria. After a two hr glucose tolerance test, his plasma glucose is 9mmol. ans) impaired glucose tolerance
    127 about salicylate poisoning determine the acid base abnormality
    128 SBA abt the man with the panic attack? Rebreath into an airbag IS THE TREATMENT
    129. Child with h/o orchitis and parotid sweeling……Mumps
    130 a man in fire accident with soot particles-anaes help?. 96/130
    131 Puerperal Psychosis (Q. 6 months after da birth of baby)
    132 A 4 y/o girl has a 2-3 day hx of fever and cough. She has non blanching pin point rash on her legs --> FBC ( what were the other options?), i think i put fbc too.
    133 A young girl presenting with s&s of SLE ---> Auto antibodies. yes agree
    134 A young child with s&s of meningitis but no rash --> blood culture / why not LP
    135 Patient with Breast CA presenting with altered consciouness............cerebral metastasis
    136 Pateient with left sided mastectomy and axillary clearance, now presents with swollen left hand.............lympoedema
    137 H/o breast cancer, now presents with polyuria, polydipsia........Hypercalcemia
    138. Patient with h/o breast cancer...h/o fall and FRACTURE of femur i think...........pathological FRACTURE
    139 answer was spinal metastasis , dont remember da stem
    140 OVARIAN CANCER…………………CA 125
    141 a patient with some expressive speech problem and da answer is problem related to Broca's Area
    142 occupational asthma, where the patients symptoms are resolved after he goes on holiday
    143 THE ONE WITH KERNIGS SIGN +IVE --> DIAGNOSIS WAS MENINGITIS ... Ya and they were asking for da investigation of choice and my answer was Blood Culture
    145 A 47 y/o man who suffers from chronic asthma has pyrexia and coughs green sputum. His PEFR is <80% of his normal value
    146 A woman gives vaginal birth at term to a baby boy. She has Hepatitis B and is Concerned about the risk of transmitting it to her baby. What do you do? C Give Hep B vaccine + Hep B immunoglobulin.
    147. young pt, episodic abd pain, all examination and Ix normal, Rx? I chose re assure.
    148 Pt of bronchial asthma was on beta agonists and prednisolone, had a surgey. The following day she had hypotension and potassium imbalance. her drug charts showed that fluids were adequate and she was on no other medication. (Addisonian crisis)
    149. Pt, with some kind of pain, took NSAID, developed wheezes ans dyspnea, I chose idiosyncratic drug response.???
    150. pt with exceessive alcohol and smoking with some kind of problem I chose general advice about life style
    151 A woman has right sided Chest pain and SOB. He has a temp of 39C and pleural rub in right mid zone ---> Pneumonia
    152 An elderly woman is short of breath. She has an apex beat displaced to the left and an apical systolic murmur ---> LVF

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