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Thread: Writing neurology residency

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    Default Writing neurology residency

    Hello, friends! At the moment I am searching for a really good help from the outside in order to fullfill my residency. I have found a couple of resources, but don't know what exactly to choose. Just wanted to find out something about **EDITED**, as I am willing to write a really good personal statement, but have a lack of time. If you know something about this resource, please share your opinions!

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    Hi guys! I think this thread is almost relevant to my post. I'm from Italy and next year I want to go to USA for a fellowship program. I'm pretty sure about my English and have scored TOEFL and IELTS really good, but I'm very nervous about my personal statement. Can someone give it a short feedback and proofread it as well? If yes, please, message me. I don't want to post text of my personal statement on internet. Alternative for me is making a request at services who proofread fellowship personal statement. They might be professionals but I don't want to spend my money like this. Thank you for your time and kindness!
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