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Thread: Anatomy or Physiology

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    Question Anatomy or Physiology


    I am a student of architecture and I need to learn something about human body for my research.
    I need to know the different systems of body and their organs.I want to learn how each organ and system works and also how they work together.

    At this point I need your guides. I will thank to you if you help me with below questions:

    1. Do I have to start with anatomy or physiology?
    2. Is anatomy a prerequisites for physiology?
    3. Are these books "Moore, Clinically Oriented Anatomy" and "Gray's Anatomy for Students" about PURE anatomy or anatomy and physiology?

    4. Is there any book which touches both anatomy and physiology in at a same time?
    5. Do you know any better book to suggest me?

    I thank you all so much in advance.

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    You should give more stress on physiology as it will satisfy your needs .
    As you are a non medico it will be very be very tough for u to understand Gray's and Moore (u can read B.D. chaurasia as it simple and concise and can understand more by viewing pics in Gray's)

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