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Thread: I have some doubts need some tips

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    Question I have some doubts need some tips

    Well I'm taking the bachelor in Clinical Analyzes and Public Health, as I told in my intro. For those who didn't read it, basically, my work is in pathology labs doing tests to any human fluid, show the results to the medic or pathologic so he/she can approve and send the info to the patient doctor. The main areas are: hematology, immunology, clinical chemistry, microbiology, immune-hematology aka transfusions and pre-surgery preparation of blood. In Public health the main areas are: food microbiology, water microbiology and water chemistry.

    What I would like to know is the correct name in english of my job because i already found different names:

    Clinical Lab Technician
    Clinical Lab Technologist
    Medical Technologist
    Clinical Laboratory Scientist

    Since I describe my fields of work, what are the ebooks or books you suggest for reading? (you can include even bioethics, lab management or something else that is not related with the specialties if you think it's important)

    I don't have a pda and don't mind to read on a pc, so i hate formats like djvu or pdb, nothing better as pdf, is there any conversion software to from this formats to pdf?

    thks all for your time and collaboration.

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    I dont know excatly what is it is... May b here in India v call it as "Public Health Worker" or "health-care worker" (HCW)

    u can use Windjview to view Djvu files its posted her:

    Its much better and u can use it like PDF

    Still if u want to convert, then try this virtual PDF printer:

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    i think u r job is called clinical lab technician
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