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Thread: iPad 2 - For those who have yet to buy

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    Default iPad 2 - For those who have yet to buy

    I have always wanted an iPad and thought I would wait a few months from release date before getting one. However, I have now learnt that the current iPad only has 256MB of RAM memory. This concerns me a lot as the new iPhone 4 has double (512MB). It concerns me as I currently have an iPhone 3G which doesnt function on iOS 4 and I do not want to have an obsolete iPad in 18 months.
    I have bought a zenithink Andriod 2.2 Tablet PC
    I dont want to wait until this time next year for iPad 2, but I dont want to buy an iPad now if a new one is coming out around December 2010/January 2011.

    For those who have yet to buy but plan to, what are your advice?

    Buy Now? Or

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    if u have wifi then ipod touch is more than enough for you, will work like an iphone but no phone.even u can use ur lap as wifi point and browse via itouch

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