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  1. Arterial blood Gases - Quick tip - ROME

    An excellent quick tip / mnemonic to remember Arterial blood gases and never get it wrong in your exam :-)
  2. Ethics doctor patient relationship revision video
  3. Ethics doctor patient relationship
  4. How to prepare for australian medical council mcq exam - AMC AMC - AMC Part 1
  5. Rash after fever - Video tutorial - USMLE / AMC / PLAB
  6. Atrial fibrilaltion causes made simple & other video series

    Atrial fibrilaltion causes made simple
  7. Ultimate guide to study for AMC part 1 exams

    Hi guys I have made a small video for people trying to figure out the best way to study and prepare for the AMC part 1 exams.
    Please let me know of your queries.

    Hope this helps

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    thanks for shairng

    thanks for shairng
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