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  1. The return of the Fendi Baguette continues apace_0

    Back in October, we discussed whether or not the legendary Fendi Baguette, the first real It Bag and practically the fifth cast member of Sex and the City, might be poised for a return to prominence....
  2. Weeokayayconclude Obsession- Coach Kristin Collection

    We hadvert been the fundaguystal to level outcase the Coach Kristin assortmalest with you in August of twozerozero9. Since then, the Kristin assortmalest has turned give some even regardless of the...
  3. The Botkier Chocolate Sasha makes me salivate

    Botkier Sasha Medium Duffel Bag, $595 via
    When I laid eyes on this bag, I began to feel hungry. Images of chocolate bars and fudge danced through my head and I realized that not only...
  4. Add more shine to New Year' verts Eve with textured alloy

    The giant gem closure topside of this clutch may be a little obvious for a taste, but I really love the premise.Metal is definitely durable, it...
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