I'm a 25 y.o. Female. A month ago I stated having breakthrough vaginal bleeding and saw a nurse practitioner to stop it. I was prescribed oral contraceptive and Bactrim for a uti. I returned a week later to finish my exam and she found microscopic blood in my urine. It def. Wasn't from a vaginal source. I saw my primary who referred me to a urologist. He ordered an abdominal CT scan. He went over the kidney lesion but never mentioned anything about my liver. I also tested positive for blood in the urine three more times since then. The CT scan results are as follows:

Punctate left hepatic lobe calcification. 0.9 left hepatic love lesion seen only during arterial phase imaging likely represents an adenoma or a flash filling hemangioma. 1 cm slightly heterogeneous hypodense right hepatic love lesion best seen on portal venous phase imaging may represent hemangioma. 1.1 cm heterogenous hypodense right posterior hepatic done lesion best seen on.portal venous phase of imaging also likely represents hemangioma. The pancreas, spleen, adrenals, and gallbladder are unremarkable. No urinary Tract calculi or hydronephrosis. .7 cm hypodense lesion mid pole left kidney is too small to characterize but likely a cyst. Right kidney is unremarkable. No bowel abstraction or ascites. Uterus is unremarkable. Trace free fluid in the pelvis likely physiologic urinary bladder is partially collapsed and unremarkable. Lack of oral contrast limits evaluation of bowel. Moderate colonic stool. No abcess or free air. No measurable adenopathy.

Impression: No urinary tract calculi or hydronephrosis. .7 cm hypodense lesion mid pole left kidney too small to characterize but likely a cyst. Three liver lesions as detailed above likely represent hemangioma with one possibly representing an adenoma. Abdominal MRI with and without contrast may be obtained to further characterize the hepatic and left renal lesions as clinically warranted.

Does the as clinically warranted mean he is suggesting an MRI? I called my primary and they said they haven't received the CT scan results yet. What about the calcification? That worries me the most.