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Thread: cardiac mri and cardiac ct: radiologists or cardiologists?

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    Default cardiac mri and cardiac ct: radiologists or cardiologists?

    Hi everybody!
    I'm interested in performing cardiac mri/ct and to do that now i should choose radiology as specialty but i has been told that cardiologists will take up cardiac mri/ct imaging in not too distant future!
    then i was wondering which specialty i should choose to perform cardiac mri or cardiac ct...radiology or cardiology?
    In your opinion radiologists will become redundant or outdated concerning cardiac imaging?

    I'd really appreciate some help!
    thanks in advance!

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    I think if you are interested in performing MRI and CT, and techniques, you should choose radiology. If you are amased "only" by how the heart is working, you should choose cardiology.
    I am a radiologist, so I say choose radiology There is so many beauties in this field

    What you asked about future... I don't know, and I think it is dependending on many factors, including on which country you will work... By us, in Hungary, some cardiologist would like to perform these examinations, but only because there are quite much money in them.
    It is an interesting question anyway, not only in connection with cardiology but other fields as well - do clinicians need the radiologists? I think - and hope - answer is yes. I have many reasons - I will explain them if you are interested...
    So what do you people think? Do you need us or not?

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