Hello everyone,

in august 2016 I suffered a concussion. I kept feeling dizzy resulting in me falling from my bike, causing a new more severe concussion in december 2016. This time my EEG was disturbed. Still having headaches and feeling dizzy untill this point.

I see a fysiotherapist once a week because the headaches are a result of both the concussion and the tension in my neck. It is important to inform that prior to these incidents I had already neck problems (due to an accident 4 years ago). I suffered a whiplash and the neck/back pain became chronical.

But the fysiotherapist (I visit already for 3years and knows 'my case') wanted to look into the dizziness to rule out BPPV, so she referred me to a colleague who performs the Dix-hallpike manoeuvre.
Because my dizziness didn't match the symptoms of BPPV completely, the tester said it could be subtle with me so she had to perform the 'throw' really quick with me.
I felt uncomfortable with the test and was scared for the effects on my neck and back. Especially when the readings she had to do in my eyes were inconclusive, she had to perform the test 7 times in total. And she had to push me down more quickly every time. The last time it was really a throw.
I felt nauseous and my neck and back cramped up. She felt my neck doing that after the first try.

Now 2 days later I feel like after my conusussion again and I am starting to panic. Can a Dix-hallpike test (when perfomed really really quickly and several, 7 ,times) cause a concussion?

Thanks in advance for your answer!