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Thread: Do I have exotropia

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    Default Do I have exotropia

    I have Glaucoma, (normal tension glaucoma) I am 36 years old. A few days ago while I was just staring and moved my eye. Just the lower left corner of my eye lid started to ace. The pain stayed for 1 to one and half hour. Afterwards I found that if I look towards some particular angle that very portion starts to ace but if I shift my vision it goes away immediately. It happens when I am looking down and my head is straight. Additionally as I tried to touch that portion I found that itís like fibers. The left eye's lower lid might have accumulated some liquid inside. Yes I have lazy eye due to forceps delivery but it is hard to detect. My doctor's findings are attached. The eye drop's generic name is Polyethylene Glycol 400 & Propylene Glycol, My doctor also said it is due to the medicine I use for Glaucoma Brimodin plus (Brimonidine tartrate and timolol) Cozopt (Dorzolamide2& timolol 0.5%)

    My question is do I have exotropia?

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