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Thread: Does this sound like there is something wrong with my liver?

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    Default Does this sound like there is something wrong with my liver?

    I posted this question in another forum and was told I should get my liver looked at. I would like a second option before I start freaking out.

    About two weeks ago I got strep throat and for three days I had a very bad fever. That passed and I no longer have neither of those things. But after those cleared I noticed that I had no appetite at all. Just smelling or looking at food makes me want to throw up. It's really hard for me to eat but I'm getting better at keeping food down. Along with that my back hurts a lot. To the point that it feels like it's on fire. The muscles in my butt, legs, and arms hurt as well. My neck feels stiff and I feel like I'm being pricked by needles. Falling asleep and staying asleep is becoming hard for me (I'm averaging about 3 to 4 hours). I'm forgetting things and doing small task leaves me out of breath. Two more things I've noticed is that my chest and hands are itchy and I've been feeling "high" even though I'm not. I'm also taking metronidazole for BV and I know that makes you lose your appetite. Should I stop taking it? Please help! Thank you

    This is what I was told:
    Antibiotics u took for strep and metro u r taking now can cause anorexia and symptoms u r telling about.
    Itching and anorexia can be seen in liver function derangement due to acute injury due to medicines.
    I wid suggest u to go to hosp. n dont take it lightly.

    Get liver function test done and report to a gastroenterologist at ur place.

    (I didn't take any Antibiotics for my throat btw)

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    Hello, send all your reports and tell symptoms in detail.

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