Hey guys im 19 years old and ive been suffering from this super scabie disease. it started about 3 or 4 years ago i was out with a friend and he lived with his grandma at the time. we went to her house to crash out. i slept on the floor. (i read that scabies LIVE in carpeting) anyway, i woke up the next day completely head to toe covered in what looked like hives. i went home and my mom thought they were hives. she is an RN. they went away about a week or 2 later, so i thought nothing about it. but just recently a friend was diagnosed with scabies. i googled it and everything made sense. especially when i found info on the Morgellon's Super Scabies disease. i randomly get what look like rashes or lesions in random parts of my body, sometimes blisters. in the webs of my fingers, on my wrists, arms, elbows, head, face, neck, back, chest, stomach, legs, feet, EVERYWHERE. and i am also suffering from health issues because of it. my knees always hurt, i walk funny. sometimes my knees dislocate. same with elbows and wrists, and they lock up sometimes. im always sick, my hearing is really messed up, my organs hurt sometimes. since ive had these for so long i know that they are EVERYWHERE that i have ever been. my house, my moms house, my dad's house, my grandmas house, my girlfriends house, all my friends' houses, etc etc. if i can manage to get rid of these things i will just be reinfected gauranteed. nobody believes me. everyone thinks im crazy and that it's nothing. they dont seem to experience any of it. i feel like my only 2 options right now are to leave every single thing behind and start a new life somewhere else, in a new town. and be treated extensively and hope i wont still have these bastards, or to kill myself. i am really at a standstill right now. i have no idea what to do. i really dont want to live with these things for the rest of my life and infect everyone i come in contact with. PLEASE HELP (also ive had memory loss and fatigue)