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Thread: Shaking vision without eye movement

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    I’m dealing with a friend. She has shaking vision without her eyes moving. It only happens if the object is closer than 15 feet, and gets progressively worse if the object is closer. Her family has no known eye problems or inheritable eye diseases. There was no known trauma when it first started, which was 13 months ago, but has received several concussions in the past. She has had every standard test for: haemorrhaging, tumours, strokes, and seizures; as well as all standard tests for common vision impairments. Nothing has been found. She has seen many different specialists and none of them have found anything. She has 20/20 vision, and is quite active, but lives a stressful life, suffers from minor anxiety as well as thyroid, and adrenal processing issues (Aka: they seem to work fine but are not processing hormones correctly.) She recently saw a neuro-opthamologist and he found nothing and basicly told her to deal with it.

    I currently do not even know what this is called. So I do not know what to look for. To reiterate she experiences chronic vertical shaking vision but her eyes do not twitch or move in a manner that would suggest it is a muscle problem.

    Any and all information is welcome.
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    I would like to help but without proper neurological examination, we can't help..

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    It seems to be something sever why don't you consult the specialist for the same else it will become severe..

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    Dealing with an eye problem seems to be really tough for an individual; eye problems found more even common with human being and basically these are appears due to lack of protein and nutritious food those are especially prescribed for eyes. Stress weak nutrition is directly affect eye vision. So it's better to consult with an eye specialist to avoid shaking of vision.

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