Back in October, we discussed whether or not the legendary Fendi Baguette, the first real It Bag and practically the fifth cast member of Sex and the City, might be poised for a return to prominence. Based on the Baguettes that are starting to surface for Spring 2012, I'd say that we might all be carrying Fendi in a year's time. Can I request a crossbody version, please?
The simple, familiar shape of the Baguette has always lent itself particularly well to gobs of embellishment, and since fashion seems to enjoy gobs of almost anything these days, it's perhaps no surprise that the bag would once again gain a certain amount of favor. The bright colors of the Fendi Python Baguette make for a perfectly trendy all-season bag that feels very now, while the modernist beading on the Fendi Optical Beaded Baguette appeal to those who appreciate the minimal lines and bold color choices of brands like Jil Sander.
With the wide-ranging design possibilities, it's easy to see how the Fendi Baguette fervor began in the first place; they do have sort of a collect-them-all feeling, right? Usually those kinds of responses from me are reserved for box clutches, but the Baguette takes that same possibility for creation and makes it easier to carry during the day. Here's hoping that the bag continues on its second wind.
Fendi Optical Beaded Baguette, $3340 via Neiman Marcus
Fendi Python Baguette, 20 via Neiman Marcus

The return of the Fendi Baguette continues apace