Botkier Sasha Medium Duffel Bag, $595 via
When I laid eyes on this bag, I began to feel hungry. Images of chocolate bars and fudge danced through my head and I realized that not only does this bag remind me of one of my favorite food groups but also I do not own a dark brown bag. Both Amanda and I don't usually care for brown handbags, but Botkier has released this delightful version of its coveted Sasha and I just might cave.
This is one of my favorite designs EVER, in the history of handbags, for many reasons. First off, the bag is both easy to carry and wear in a style that is sure to entice the majority of the handbag loving world. Second, for the price you pay, Botkier always gives quality leather, and this lambskin is going to be super soft and age magnificently over time. Third, and most importantly, do you all remember our Botkier + PurseBlog Exclusive Design? You created a one-of-a-kind Sasha Duffel bag and I will never forget it nor will it loose a place in my heart.
Obviously, we edited the photo of this bag. No, it will not melt when you touch it and spontaneously give you a handful of melted chocolate (wouldn't that be amazing though?!). There you have all my reasons why this bag is delightful to look at, reminds me of chocolate, and will always be a favorite. Now I just need to buy it. Via ShopBop for 5.

The Botkier Chocolate Sasha makes me salivate