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Thread: My case from lecture: spinal cord and vertebrae??

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    Talking My case from lecture: spinal cord and vertebrae??

    I just want to ask,,,
    how we can know the position the segment of spinal cord if we just know the position of vertebrae..??
    Umm...I mean,,if the vertebrae damaged in thoracal 11 segment,,
    or there is hernia nucleus pulposus in segment thoracal 11 vertebrae,,,
    which segment that damaged in the spinal cord??

    We know that the position of spinal cord is not same as the vertebrae...
    because in lumbar 1 spinal cord is vanished and become cauda equina...
    can you help me???
    thx b4...

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    This might help u...


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    From Afifi:

    Because of the differential rate of growth of spinal cord and vertebral column, spinal cord segment levels do not correspond to those of the vertebral column:

    • Thus in the cervical region, tip of the vertebral spine corresponds to the level of the succeeding cord sement; the 6th cervical spine corresponds to C7.

      In the upper thoracic region, tip of the spine is 2 segments above the corresponding cord segment; the 4th thoracic spine corresponds to the 6th cord segment

      In the lower thoracic and upper lumbar regions, the difference between vertebral and cord level is 3 segments; the 10th throacic spine corresponds to the 1st lumbar cord segments

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