Howdy fellow inmates of Planet Nazi-Lawyer (aka: Satan),

I've noticed that Doctors are letting the Lawyers romp-and-stomp all over them, which was shown quite nicely with the movie Patch Adams, but all of the Doctor Assisted Suicide & Anti-Abortion Laws/Constitutional Amendments are also telling, absolute, since an Attorney-Client Assisted Suicide is PROTECTED from INTERFERENCE by the government or anyone else (see: Whitney Houston) but the Lawyers say that isn't the case with Doctors but the Doctor's Hippocratic Oath PROTECTS them from the government EVER telling the Doctor what they will do or won't do, when it comes to HELPING a SICK person, to include ABORTIONS! But you can see the Lawyer has convinced the Doctor that they have a lawful obligation to SNITCH on their CLIENTS but the Lawyer is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN from EVER DOING SUCH with their Clients/Patients or they WILL LOSE THEIR LICENSE and they are also BLACKLISTED for doing so (see: ending of the movie Devil's Advocate) and the SAME is FULLY applicable to ALL Doctors!

Stand-up 4 your rights DOCTORS and STOP sucking the Lawyer's dick!