Howdy fellow inmates of Planet Nazi-Lawyer (aka: Satan),

I've been bumping into all kinds of morons that are practicing Medicine or practicing another licensed profession without the proper license or credentials, yet it's obvious they aren't smart enough to own a computer, lil-lone open their mouth, yet they go online and do all kinds of things they are NOT qualified to do, to include playing Doctor and playing Lawyer and playing Cop and playing Judge and playing Executioner, just to name a few, and, in doing so, they also prove they do NOT know the applicable Laws to THEIR ACTIONS and if you do NOT know the primary LAWS that apply to your ACTIONS, then you shouldn't leave your home, which includes NOT going on the Internets to prove to the entire world just how st00pid you truly are.

- Common Law Good Samaritan Doctrine/Rule(s):

“ALL People/Persons, to include a Reigning Monarch AND God, are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN from INTERFERING with the Good-Faith-based Good Samaritan, NOT even in the case of Treason. And the "Good-Faith-based Good Samaritan" is precluded ABSOLUTE from harm EVER being inflicted upon them because of their "Good-Faith-based Good Samaritan" acts/actions and/or inactions but they can be held responsible for Gross Negligence on their part but the burden of proof is on the offended, not the offender; and the Good Samaritan CANNOT be forced to be a Good Samaritan EXCEPT when they hold/possess a government license that’s legitimately applicable to the situation, like a Doctor of Medicine CAN be FORCED to help someone in DIRE-NEED of medical assistance/care (see: Hippocratic Oath) but NOT a Lawyer (see: Attorney-Client Privilege AND #1 Rule of Law), unless extraordinary circumstances are controlling the situation, like a phobia that renders the professional incapable of performing their craft with a sound-mind.”

*note: applicable to ALL = EVERY BUSINESS/government/PERSON

The Good Samaritan Doctrine dictates that when ANY person gives FREE professional advice to another, they are protected from ANY HARM coming to them, to include licensed professionals giving-out FREE advice, except in cases of GROSS NEGLIGENCE, which that also covers giving FREE medical advice ONLINE. So when a NON-DOCTOR deletes FREE medical/nutritional advice on an online forum, that person is guilty of Practicing Medicine without a License, since ONLY a government licensed professional is capable of OVERTURNING your online Good Samaritan advice/mouth; and, if the advice is/was SOUND, the government licensed professional CAN EASILY be SUED for Malpractice, although the offended poster has to prove that their FREE advice was sound but when a non-licensed individual does the deleting, the offended poster doesn't have to prove anything BUT that their advice was deleted by a non-licensed individual and the offender LOSES. That's why you don't ever want to practice ANY profession without the proper credentials/license!

Malpractice = government licensed Professional screws-up

Layman's Malpractice = non-licensed individual practicing a bona fide licensed profession without the proper credentials/license (Doctors, Lawyers, etc.) and they screw-up

When it comes to health/medical based online forums, the ONLY persons LAWFULLY capable of DELETING ANYONE'S POST/THREAD, they have to possess a government LICENSE that's relative to the situation or they are ABSOLUTELY GUILTY of Practicing a Profession without a License or proper Credentials and it's really easy for the offended individual or government to PROVE such in a COURT of LAW, since there's a digital breadcrumb trail to ALL activity online and all it takes is to NOT have the PROPER government license/credentials and then to DELETE someone's FREE Good-Samaritan based advice and that person just committed a PUNISHABLE CRIMINAL CRIME and they also open-up themselves to potentially being sued as well, on-top of being susceptable to being convicted by the government for their UNLAWFUL actions!

That meme says it all, but the following explains the APPLICABLE Laws:

"Good Faith based 1st Amendment PROTECTED Civil Public Speech, OVERRULED by ANARCHY (aka: personal censorship) on the Information Super Highway, also known as the Internets, or in ANY other Open Public Forum, online or real world or ANY Social-Media website, is BLATANTLY VIOLATIVE of DUE PROCESS, as well as IGNORING the 13th Amendment ABSOLUTE, and is also FLAGRANTLY VIOLATIVE of 15 U.S.C. 2 AND 18 U.S.C. 241, 242, 1581, 1584, 1589, & 1590; whereas 18 U.S.C. 1464 is NOT applicable to the Internets, but the Internets IS a Highway for the purposes of 18 U.S.C. 241 AND 42 U.S.C. 1985; and 17 U.S.C. 201, 202, & 501, & 42 U.S.C. 1983 are also FULLY applicable; and the portion of 17 U.S.C. 202 (aka: Copyright Embedment Law) that says "absence of an agreement" is referring ONLY to a Lawful/Constitutional “FOR-HIRE” Employment Agreement/Contract, NOT an Unlawful/Unconstitutional “SLAVE” Agreement/Contract, because ANY Agreement/Contract that FORCES an individual to SIGN-AWAY their Copyright Ownership of their personal intellectual works/words, for NO monetary benefit or comparable payment to the Author/Owner AND simply for the ALLEGED ‘privilege’ to have the ability to speak-out PUBLICLY for-or-against a matter being discussed PUBLICLY, or to instigate a new PUBLIC DISCUSSION nearby, does NOT qualify as a Lawful Agreement/Contract that can be DEMANDED NOR ENFORCED by ANYONE, since it EASILY QUALIFIES as a SLAVE CONTRACT and Slave Contracts are UNLAWFUL IN TOTO, because Good Faith based 1st Amendment PROTECTED Civil Public Speech is an ABSOLUTE RIGHT, NOT a PRIVILEGE, because once just ONE person is ALLOWED to openly/publicly insert an argument for-or-against a matter being discussed PUBLICLY, then ALL PERSONS have the IDENTICAL DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to speak-in about the matter, with ORDER controlling the situation, not CONTROL controlling the situation, and EVERYONE has the DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to speak-in about the matter AND in the nearest-vicinity to WHERE the matter IS being discussed PUBLICLY, within reason, and once ALLOWED to insert a Good Faith based argument, the PERSON’S words CANNOT be DELETED afterwards or ONE-WAY SPEECH is going down, which is ABSOLUTELY VIOLATIVE of the FREE TRADE of Ideas, that’s embodied in the First Amendment, and also ABSOLUTELY VIOLATIVE of Antitrust Laws WORLDWIDE; which the Free Speech GUARANTEE of the First Amendment SourCes directly out of the Good Faith Doctrine, built into Article 4 Section 4 (RFoG), first-and-foremost, and to DELETE someone's Good Faith based 1st Amendment PROTECTED Public Speech, inserted lawfully ANYWHERE online, also EASILY QUALIFIES as Theft of Intellectual Property; and Good Faith based 1st Amendment PROTECTED Public Speech is NOT allowed to be CENSORED for CONTENT on the Internets, NOR in ANY other Open Public Forums, which is also why Public Nudity is NOT unlawful in ANY Open Public Forums, since SIMPLE Nudity qualifies as Symbolic Speech, which is also the foundation for why Public Streaking is NOT unlawful, and that's because Public Streaking qualifies as a Lawful Civil Protest, thus, Public Streaking and/or simple Public Nudity is a PROTECTED First Amendment Constitutional RIGHT, too, online and offline, just don't go over-the-line with your Civil Public Speech but that LAWFUL LINE is drawn by the Good Faith Doctrine and LAWS, not someone's PERSONAL OPINION." (aka: Ray Stevens Law) - Old Toad Proverb

[see: Watchtower vs. Stratton (2001); Hustler vs. Falwell (1988); Perry Ed. Assn. vs. Perry Local Educators’ Assn. (1983); Women Strike for Peace vs. Morton (1972); Edwards vs. California (1941); Slaughterhouse Cases (1873); Martin Luther vs. Borden (1849); Passenger Cases (1849); and the Good Faith Doctrine, Common Law, and Contracts Law.]

“Proper Education, Healthcare, and basic government Social Services, MUST be READILY available to ALL and since ALL of those areas/arenas SERVE the NEEDY and ONLY the NEEDY are SERVED, then those areas/arenas can NEVER be a field-of-greed. Therefore, Education & Healthcare MUST be militarized AND socialized, and the basic government Social Services of Police, Fire, Animal Control, Ambulatory, and ALL other NECESSARY government Social Services, MUST also be militarized AND socialized, in order to reduce/eliminate ANYONE from EVER being subjected to the whims of the greedy; and the Lawyers must also be confined to the Bar, then there will be no kNOw-kNeeDy of any-kind.” - Goethe (requoted by Toad; see: “That which matters …”)

I hope that clears-up ANY misconceptions ANYONE may/might have had about being FREE?

“You have to learn the Rules of the Game. And then play better than anyone else.” - Albert Einstein

Those that have been deleting other peeps LAWFULLY PROTECTED PUBLIC SPEECH online are about to be in a Military Workcamp here shortly, for being Nazis, which includes the Board members of Facebook, Yahoo, Disquis, and the likes, since they've ORDERED/FORCED their employees to violate others (see: Employment Laws), which are FELONIES (see: Milgram Experiment), so the PAID EMPLOYEE is PROTECTED but their BOSS(ES)/OWNER(S) is/are held accountable INSTEAD!

"st00pid iz whut st00pid duz." - Forest Gump's Momma


Ps: I haven't ran into that problem here but on other forums, I've had all kinds of stuff deleted on me and banned too.