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Thread: How does Mobile Number portability (MNP) Work - India

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    Default How does Mobile Number portability (MNP) Work - India

    Under Mobile Number Portability, you can move to any Mobile Network Operator irrespective of CDMA or GSM like TATA DOCOMO, Videocon Mobile Services, airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Cheers Mobile, MTNL etc. the only condition being that user needs to be at least 90 days old on that network and also if you are a postpaid customer then you need to clear all the outstanding dues.

    Basic Rules:
    First of all you should have completed two months with your current operator. If you satisfies this first and foremost rule then you can go ahead with the porting of your number. Be it a Prepaid or postpaid customer, you can very well move to a new operator but all the balance/schemes of the prepaid customer will not be carried forward to the new operator and likewise all the outstanding bills by the postpaid subscriber should pay all the outstanding bills / dues before porting his number to a new operator.

    Procedure to Port your number:

    1. You need to send sms as PORT <Your Mobile Number>, like PORT 9820098200 to a toll free number 1900.

    2. As soon as you send this sms, you will receive a unique porting code as a reply from your existing service provider.

    3. After receiving the code, you can go to the nearest gallery or to the official store of the recipient operator and can make an application in the prescribed form mentioning the unique code which you have received while registration via sms.

    4. A maximum of 4 days has been prescribed for successful porting or transfer to execute this process and you will be shifted to a new operator.


    1. What is the cost of switching an operator through MNP?
    The maximum charge which is prescribed by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is Rs.19. This has to be paid to the new operator which will be your recipient operator. Though, the operator can choose to charge you lesser.

    2. Can i change to a new operator multiple times using MNP?
    Yes. Though there is no fixed limit on how frequently you can shift to the new operator, but once switched to a new operator you cannot shift again to the new operator for a period of 90 days.

    3. Will my mobile number be disconnected during porting?
    Yes, during the disconnection from your old operator and connecting to new operator your number will be dead for an approximate of 2 hours.

    4. Can i carry forward my prepaid balance or schemes to the new operator after MNP?

    No, all offers and balance stands canceled once you switch your operator from the present to the new one.

    5. How do the two zones affect the consumers when they wish to port? What rules apply to them regarding switching their number from one carrier to another within the same zone or not inside the same zone?
    DOT (Department of Telecommunications) has decided to implement Mobile Number Portability (MNP) within a circle. Thus a consumer can port their number to another service provider as long as it is done within their circle. Portability between other circles (called Inter circle portability) is not allowed as yet

    6. Can a postpaid user apply for MNP?
    Yes, irrespective of the postpaid or prepaid subscriber you can use this facility but all postpaid customers should pay their all outstanding dues.

    7. If am a customer of Andhra Pradesh and wish to port to a number to a new operator of Mumbai circle, can i do so?

    No you cannot do so, you can only migrate to a new operator within a circle and not outside your current home circle.

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