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Thread: Cold Laser Equipments

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    Default Cold Laser Equipments

    Cold lasers are used all over the world by Chiropractors and Medical Doctors. Our economical components are used throughout the World because they allow doctors to offer affordable therapy to patients. Doctors using our equipment are increasing patient satisfaction, generating additional referrals and increased income. We offer 635nm and 808nm pulsed true cold lasers with both digital desk top and portable controllers.

    You will find our cold laser components (also known as low level lasers) are economical and functional. You can be sure our components were designed by a physician and are used throughout the World. You will get a a full one year warranty with all our equipment and find with no care (other than avoiding abuse) our equipment lasts for many years.


    # Our equipment is warranted for one year (except accidental or intentional abuse).
    # Orders placed today for should be expected to ship in a few days.
    # Credit card orders for our are ONLY shipped to the card's billing address.
    # Appearance may vary slightly.

    # International shipments have a $100 shipping fee. Buyer must also pay all duty and customs fees.
    # US Ground shipping is a flat $30.00 per order, not per item.

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    Default Medical Equipment Supplies

    Yes I agree
    These are really efficient and economical.

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