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1. Type of Hospital :
A. Nursing Home
B. Corporate Hospital
C. Charity Hospital
D. Govt.Hospital
E. Medical College Hospital

2. Number of deliveries per year:-
<500/500-1000/1000- 2000/2000-3000/3000-4000/4000-5000/>5000/>10000

3. Staffing at Hospital

A. Obstetricians: Full time/on call
B. Midwiives: Full time/on call
C. Neonatologists/PeadiatricianFull time/on call
D. Anaesthetists: Full time/on call
E. Sonologists/radiologists: Full time/on call
F. Other Specialists: Full time/on call

4 Facilities:
A. Laboratory services: Y/N
B. Blood Bank: Y/N
C. Imageology: Y/N
D. Operation Theatres: Y/N
E. NICU care level- 1/2/3

5. Network facility for in-utero / emergency transfer Y/N

6. Documentation / Statistics / Drills / Education
A. Data entry methods:
Consent Form: Y/N
Case Record: Y/N
Birth Register: Y/N
B. Do you maintain statistics
Monthly/ Annually
C. Do you conduct: Fire drills/ Practice drills for Obstetric emergencies – Y/N
D. Do you have teaching programme for:
Doctors: Y/N
Nurses: Y/N
E. Do you counsel the women in labor:Y/N
F. Do you allow a family member to be present throughout labor:Y/N
G. Do you have flow charts in the labor room for
Interpretation of CTG:Y/N
Oxytocin drip:Y/N
Shoulder Dystocia:Y/N
Any other:

7. Do you believe in “Evidence based Practice” or “Experience based Practice?

8. Do you like to change your practice with the time?Y/N

9. Do you follow ‘Protocols’?Y/N

10. Do you believe in ‘Team care’? Y/N

11. How frequently you attend conferences, workshops and CMEs in a year

12. Labor ward Facilities
a. Individual/ Common labor suites
b. Labor table: Does it have provision for head low and head up position:Y/N
c. Do you use plastic/disposable labor sheet:
d. Are you satisfied with your focusinglight:Y/N
e. Do you have in the labor room: thermometer/stethoscope/sphygmomanometer/knee hammer/measuring tape/wedge
f. Oxygen supply: Central/cylinder
g. Do you use: Fetal heart doppler/fetoscope
h. CTG machine: Y/N Number:-
i. Ultrasound machine: Y/N
j. Suction machine:Y/N
k. Stock of routinely used mendication/IV fluids/suture materials/catheters/IV cannulas-14G/16G/18G/20G/22G
l. Infusion Pump: Y/N
m. Neonatal Resuscitators:
n. Emergency Tray and drugs:
o. Trays:
Delivery set:Y/N
Outlet forceps/Vaccum set:Y/N
APH set: Y/N
PPH set: Y/N
Eclampsia set: Y/N
Any other: Y/N

13. Labor Ward Practices:
A. Do you do Admission Test (CTG)? Y/N

B. Do you routinely recommend enema and perineal preparation?Y/N

C. What diet do you recommend in early labour?
Nil by mouth/clear fluids/regular diet

D. Monitoring in labor is done by
a)Doctor B)Trained sister C)Any sister on duty

E. Do you routinely start IV access in active labour? Y/N

F. Do you routinely do ARM in active labour? Y/N

G. Do you believe in “Active management of labour”? Y/N
H. What is your instrument of choice in assisted deliveries?
Outlet forceps/vaccum

I. Do you call Neonatologist for all deliveries? Y/N

J. Do you believe in routine “Episiotomy” or “Indicated Episiotomy” to all primis?

K. Type of Episiotomy:
Midline/ Mediolateral/Lateral

L. What suture material do you use for episitomy suturing?

M. Do you follow “Active management of third stage”?Y/N

N. Your preferred Uterotonic in the third stage of labor in order of preference:
Prevention of PPH
Treatment of PPH

O. Do you encourage breast feeding in first 30 minutes of delivery: Y/N

P. At what distance from the baby’s abdomn do you clamp the cord

Q. Do you routinely give antibiotics for normal / instrumental deliveries?Y/N

R. How many times do you call women for ‘Post natal visits?

S. Do you prefer Puerperal or Interval sterilization for multi’s? Y/N


Hospital/ Institute: