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Thread: Delayed lab results

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    Default Delayed lab results

    I have this problem with one hospital. I'm a diabetic and it took them time to release the results of my FBS. I felt hypoglycemic and dizzy, but still they told me to wait. I almost faint, and they don't seem to care. I want to write them a complaint, but I don't know what to put. I wish some medical personnel here could help me. Thanks in advance!
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    Needle prick test should have solved your problem if your blood sugar is their need to know. I can see that the lab system have some issues with their management that's why it happened. If they are fast enough, then none of what you experienced should have happened. Anyway, it's also a mistake for them not to let you eat since the blood needed for testing has already been taken from you, or was it you haven't been tested yet when you complain? I see that you want to make a complaint letter, try to recommend this lab system to them It could help them improve a lot in terms of the speed in relaying results. Going back to the issue, if you haven't been tested yet when you complained, and what you mean really is that you've paid already. Then it means you really can't take anything by mouth yet, though they are still slow since the billing department are usually fast in processing and the lab department should have known it fast that you're about to have FBS and ask some of their medtechs to get a blood sample from you. I hope this helps.
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