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Thread: Best Reported Allergies

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    Default Best Reported Allergies

    Nitrous oxide - "Makes me light-headed"
    Novocaine - "Makes me numb"
    Novocaine - "When it wore off I had a lot of pain"
    Bleach - "When I inhale it, have resp. distress"
    Epinephrine - "makes my heart race"
    Poison Ivy - "gives me a rash"
    Erythromycin - "N/V"

    Dextrose-- causes SOB
    Diprovan-- "lose consciousness"
    paper tape-- causes tachycardia
    codeine-"makes me constipated and vomit"

    Cortisone - "gives me hives"
    Morphine - "makes me sleepy"

    Ampicillin -- "gives me a yeast infection"
    Cortisone/prednisone -- "makes me puffy"

    "I can only take brand name drugs, I get a rash from any generics"

    "Allergic to oxygen"
    "Allergic to water"

    "allergic to all painkillers except Demerol"
    "I'm allergic to demerol, codeine, Morphine and 2mg Dilaudid. But I can take 4mg Dilaudid."
    Allergic to : non-narcotic pain relievers
    "I'm allergic to all painkillers except one. I think its called 'perc-a-something' but I really don't remember the exact name".
    "Doc, I'm allergic to 50 milligrams of Demerol but 100 mg doesn't hurt me at all."

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    "Only dilaudid works for my migraines. NOTHING else"

    "I am allergice to Benadryl. It makes me sleepy"

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