launched in? - 1997
phase 2 begun in?- 2005

-at what level is it implemented- DISTRICT
-the services are NOT uniform for all districts. Districts are divided on the basis of- (1)crude birth rate (2)female literacy rate
-the districts are covered in a PHASED manner over a period of - 3 years

phase 1 - family planning, safety(to child and in childbirth), STDs
phase 2 - essential obs care (antenatal + institutional delivery, by trained attendent)
- emg obs care ( FRU, CHC) - so that 24 hour care
- referral system
others- MTP
childhood illness
target-free approach

interventions that are ONLY IN SELECTED DISTRICTS?
-emergency obs care
-referral system- transport in emergency

FRU= first referral units
- includes (1)community health centres (2) subdistrict hospitals
- 3 criteria to be called a FRU- surgery, blood storage, newborn care

adult- 100mg, 500ug respectively
child- make the dose 1/5th for each
preterm infant- 10mg, 100ug respectively

health worker should give how many such tablets to
(1) pregnant mom- 100
(2)child with anaemia- 100


2005(along with RCH phase 2)
main aim- INSTITUTIONAL DELIVERIES to dec mortality
centrally sponsored
cash assistance to institutional deliveries in-
1. low performing states- all women, all births
2. high performing states- BPL woman 19 years or more -belonging to SC/ST, upto 2 live births