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Thread: MCQS: Accommodation and Near Vision

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    1. Which patient would not benefit from an effort to control his accommodation during the refraction process?

    A. 6 year old myope

    B. 60 year old hyperope

    C. 65 year old pseudophake

    D. 40 year old emmetrope

    E. all would benefit

    2. During refractometry, uncontrolled accommodation may result in:

    A. an over-corrected myope

    B. an under-corrected hyperope

    C. an unbalanced correction

    D. all of the above

    3. Which of these methods can be used to control accommodation?

    A. fogging

    B. cycloplegia

    C. cross-cylinder refinement

    D. A and B

    E. A and C

    4. Which of these drops is not a cycloplegic?

    A. cyclopentolate

    B. phenylephrine

    C. tropicamide

    D. atropine

    E. all are cycloplegics

    5. Which is true of fogging?

    A. plus sphere corrections are increased

    B. minus sphere corrections are reduced

    C. the fogged patient gets blurrier when accommodating

    D. all are true

    6. Which 50 year old would be able to read without glasses? (distance correction is given)

    A. -2.00 sph

    B. -0.50 sph

    C. plano

    D. +0.50 sph

    E. +2.00 sph

    7. Which factor would not benefit a patient's reading ability?

    A. bright lighting

    B. large print size

    C. large pupil size

    D. contact lenses for a hyperope

    E. all would be beneficial

    8. You might expect a 45 year old to have an add power of:

    A. +3.25

    B. +2.75

    C. +1.25

    D. +2.00

    E. +0.50

    9. You might expect a 50 year old to have an add power of:

    A. +3.25

    B. +2.75

    C. +1.00

    D. +1.75

    E. +0.50

    10. When determining a patient's add power, you should:

    A. start with the patient's present add power

    B. start with a high add power and work lower

    C. start with a low add power and work higher

    D. take the add power from a table

    E. add .50 D to the patient's present add power

    11. Most patients will need _____ when converting from a flat-top bifocal to a progressive bifocal.

    A. the same add power

    B. a slightly weaker add power

    C. a slightly stronger add power

    D. bigger frames

    E. smaller frames

    12. The add power in the middle seg of a flat-top trifocal is usually:

    A. half of the strength of the reading add

    B. two times the strength of the reading add

    C. one quarter of the strength of the reading add

    D. one third of the strength of the reading add

    E. three times the strength of the reading add

    13. Mr. Smith has a +1.50 distance correction OU and a +2.00 add. A pair of music glasses focusing at arms-length would probably read:

    A. +5.50 OU

    B. +3.50 OU

    C. +2.50 OU

    D. +2.00 OU

    E. +1.50 OU

    14. Mrs. Brown's refraction is -0.50 OU with a +2.50 add. She is always misplacing her glasses. An inexpensive choice for music glasses would be:

    A. executive bifocals

    B. executive trifocals

    C. progressives

    D. flat-top trifocals

    E. +1.00 half glasses

    15. Mr. Clark's refraction is +0.75 OU with a +2.00 add. He would like bifocals to use with his computer that have intermediate strength in the top and reading power in the seg. His prescription would read:

    A. +0.75 OU, add +2.00

    B. +1.75 OU, add +1.00

    C. +1.00 OU, add +1.75

    D. plano OU, add +2.25

    E. -0.75 OU, add +2.00

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