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Thread: Opthal MCQs- Cornea

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    Default Opthal MCQs- Cornea

    1. The corneal epithelium is :
    a- Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium.
    b- Non keratinized stratified squamous epithelium.
    c- Tall columnar epithelium.
    d- Cuboidal epithelium.

    2. One of these factors contributes to corneal transparency:
    a- Regular arrangement of stromal collagen fibrils.
    b- Intact epithelium and endothelium.
    c- Normal I.O.P.
    d- All of above.

    3. Endothelial cell layer of the cornea are examined by :
    a- Ophthalmoscope.
    b- Gonioscope.
    c- Specular microscope.
    d- Skiascopy.

    4. Corneal diameter is measured by:
    a- Slit lamp.
    b- Caliper & Ruler.
    c- Keratometry.
    d- Retinoscopy.

    5. Corneal thickness is measured by:
    a- Pachymetry.
    b- Biometry.
    c- Keratometry.
    d- Perimetry.

    6. Corneal power and curvature is measured by:
    a- Topography.
    b- Keratometry.
    c- Slit lamp biomicroscopy.
    d- Both A & B.

    7. Only one organism of the following can invade normal corneal epithelium :
    a- Psuedomonas.
    b- Gonococcus.
    c- Staphylococcus.
    d- Pneumococcus.

    8. Healing of corneal ulcer results into an opacity because:
    a- New fibres are not regularly arranged.
    b- B.M is not regenerated.
    c- None of above.
    d- All of above.

    9. The type of corneal opacity that affects vision more is :
    a- Diffuse nebula.
    b- Diffuse macula.
    c- Dense leucoma.
    d- None of them.

    10. Pseudo - cornea is formed of:
    a- All corneal layers.
    b- Three layers namely epithelium, stroma & endothelium.
    c- Stromal layer with epithelium.
    d- Only epithelial layer.

    11. The followings are true about hypopyon except:
    a- It is leucocytosis due to bacterial toxins.
    b- It is fluid & cells.
    c- It is absorbed with therapy.
    d- It is infected fluid containing pus cells.

    12. Ulcer serpens is caused by :

    a- Staphylococci.
    b- Streptococci.
    c- Pneumocucci.
    d- Gonococci.

    13. Steroids are indicated topically in :
    a- Hypopyon ulcer.
    b- Dendritic ulcer.
    c- Mycotic ulcer.
    d- Disciform keratitis.

    14. Mooren's ulcer is :
    a- Degenerative ulcer.
    b- Infective ulcer.
    c- Auto immune ulcer.
    d- Neuroparalytic ulcer.

    15. The reservoir of infection in herpes zoster ophthalmicus is:
    a- Ciliary ganglion. '
    b- Gasserian ganglion;
    c- Superior cervical ganglion.
    d- Inferior cervical ganglion.

    16. Fleischer's ring on the corneal epithelium is seen in :
    a- Keratoglobas.
    b- Keratoconus.
    c- Keratomalacia.
    d- Anterior staphyloma.

    17. In advanced keratoconus, the best treatment is :
    a- Penetrating keratoplasty.
    b- Soft Contact lenses.
    c- Hard contact lenses.
    d- Refractive surgery.

    18. In recurrent neuroparalytic keratitis the best treatment is :
    a- Antibiotic drops & ointment..
    b- Artificial tears.
    c- Tarsorrhaphy.
    d- Closure of lacrimal puncta.

    19. Small peripheral corneal perforation leads to:
    a- Corneal fistula.
    b- Anterior polar cataract.
    c- Peripheral anterior synechia.
    d- Anterior staphyloma.

    20. A patient with corneal ulcer noticed sudden cessation of pain & relieve of other symptoms. The possible occurrence is:
    a- Complete cure.
    b- Perforation.
    c- Endophthalmitis.
    d- Corneal fistula.

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    Any 1 with the answers...???

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    Thanx.. Bt whr r d answrs...???

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATUL19 View Post
    Thanx.. Bt whr r d answrs...???
    can i get the answers please

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