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Thread: Nutrition and Diagnosis-Related Care

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    Arrow Nutrition and Diagnosis-Related Care

    Nutrition and Diagnosis-Related Care

    Question 1

    The adequacy of nutrition for a person depends on

    a. Age
    b. Growth rate
    c. State of health
    d. All of the above

    [HIDE]The correct answer is: d [/HIDE]

    Question 2

    In the case of Mr. Bullroar, the man with alcoholic cirrhosis, we learned the importance of the choice of protein in his diet. What was the deal?

    a. One should limit the intake of aromatic amino acids, which are higher in meat.
    b. One should limit the intake of branch chain amino acids, which are higher in vegetables.
    c. His protein should be substantially reduced because of the increased serum nitrogen load.
    d. Both meat and vegetable protein should be substantially increased.

    [HIDE]The correct answer is: a [/HIDE]

    Question 3

    Under nutrition may be the result of

    a. Ignorance and poverty
    b. Chronic alcoholism
    c. Acute and chronic illness
    d. All of the above.

    [HIDE]The correct answer is: d [/HIDE]

    Question 4

    People with advanced cystic fibrosis may develop a clotting disorder because

    a. Of poor diet
    b. The increased effort of breathing will consume too many calories
    c. The lack of fat absorption will impede absoption of vitamin K
    d. The increased bowel motility associated with this disease leads to a general deficiency of water soluble vitamins

    [HIDE]The correct answer is: c [/HIDE]

    Question 5

    Better get your copy of the SGA form handy. This 32 year-old guy was involved in a serious auto accident 6 weeks ago. He has lost 10 pounds while hospitalized, and shows moderate muscle and fat atrophy. Heís depressed, not eating well and complains of nausea and constipation. He is pretty much bedridden and now has a small decubitus ulcer. His AM temperature was 100 degrees. Fill in your form and check the appropriate score.

    a. 0-1 No intervention needed
    b. 2-3 Patient and family education
    c. T4-8 Intervention by dietitian
    d. >9 Critical need for intervention

    [HIDE]The correct answer is: d [/HIDE]

    Question 6

    The basal metabolic rate (BMR) for an adult man having a weight of 180 pounds would be

    a. 1800
    b. 2160
    c. 4320
    d. Sorry man, but Iím into BMWs, not BMRs

    [HIDE]The correct answer is: b [/HIDE]

    Question 7

    With cardiac cachexia, patients often report a good appetite but still have a poor intake. Even caregivers donít realize that the patient may have poor intake. The reason is that the patient feels full before they are finished eating, a phenomenon known as

    a. Over eating
    b. Under eating
    c. Anorexia nervosa
    d. Early satiety

    [HIDE]The correct answer is: d [/HIDE]

    Question 8

    Mr. Robinson, our patient with Parkinsonís Disease, had a problem of swallowing known as dysphagia. Beyond the obvious issuess of choking and spitting up, other common problems associated with this condition include

    a. Unexplained fevers.
    b. Pneumonia.
    c. Weight loss and dehydration.
    d. All of the above

    [HIDE]The correct answer is: d [/HIDE]

    Question 9

    The lipodystrophy associated with HIV disease is most often seen with

    a. Patients with uncommonly high viral RNA loads.
    b. Patients taking protease inhibitors.
    c. Untreated patients.
    d. None of the above.

    [HIDE]The correct answer is: b [/HIDE]

    Question 10

    Nutritional factors either contributing, or at least predicting risk, for the development of a ducbitus ulcer include

    a. Low albumin.
    b. Low prealbumin.
    c. low serum cholesterol.
    d. All of the above.

    The correct answer is: d [/HIDE]

    Question 11

    With regard to phytoestrogen compounds and breast cancer treatment

    a. They may interfere with the action of Tamoxifen and should be avoided.
    b. They are thought to be a major factor in prevention of breast cancer spread.
    c. They are thought to potentiate Tamoxifen.
    d. There are really no phytoestrogenic compounds, so this concern is immaterial

    [HIDE]The correct answer is: a [/HIDE]

    Question 12

    Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized in which food becomes the primary coping mechanism. It is characterized by all the following except

    a. Repeat episodes of binge eating.
    b. Most bulimic patients are of normal or above normal weight.
    c. Sense of lack of control.
    d. College educated women make up just 10%.

    [HIDE]The correct answer is: d [/HIDE]

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    i would be very thankful to you on uploading books about clinical nutrition. thanks.

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