A 35-year-old Man Has Noted Several 1 To 2 Cm Reddish Purple, Nodular Lesions Present On The Skin Of His Right Arm Which Have Increased In Size And Number Over The Past 3 Months. The Lesions Do Not Itch And Are Not Painful. He Has Had A Watery Diarrhea For The Past Month. On Physical Examination He Has Generalized Lymphadenopathy And Oral Thrush.

Which Of The Following Infections Is Most Likely To Be Related To The Appearance Of These Skin Lesions?

A Candida Albicans

B Human Herpesvirus 8

C Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

D Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

E Pneumocystis Carinii (jiroveci)


answer / Explanation:

(b) Correct.

These Plaque-like Reddish Lesions Are Characteristic For Kaposi Sarcoma. Hhv8 (kshv) Is The Agent That Promotes Angiogenesis From Which The Ks Arises In Persons With Hiv Infection.