A 49-year-old Man Complains Of Pain In His Left Thigh For 3 Months. On Physical Examination His Thigh Is Increased In Size, Compared To The Right. A Plain Film Radiograph Reveals The Presence Of A 15 Cm Solid Mass That Does Not Appear To Arise From Bone, But It Does Have Infiltrative Margins. A Biopsy Of This Mass Is Taken, And On Microscopic Examination The Mass Is Composed Of Highly Pleomorphic Spindle Cells.

Which Of The Following Immunohistochemical Markers Is Most Likely To Be Demonstrated In The Cells Of This Mass?

A Cytokeratin

B Factor Viii

C Alpha Fetoprotein

D Lambda Light Chain

E Vimentin

answer / Explanation:

(e) Correct.

The Location And Size And Histologic Characteristics Suggest A Sarcoma. Vimentin Is An Intermediate Filament Often Found In Neoplasms Of Mesenchymal Origin.