A 66-year-old Man Has Noted Darker Urine For The Past 2 Weeks. A Urinalysis Shows Hematuria. He Is Referred To A Urologist Who Performs Cystoscopy. A 3 Cm Mass Is Found In The Dome Of The Bladder. Biopsies Of The Mass Are Taken And On Microscopic Examination Show A Urothelial Carcinoma. Cells Of This Neoplasm Demonstrate A Single Mutation Causing Cellular Inability To Hydrolyze Gtp, Thus Resulting In Cellular Transformation.

Which Of The Following Oncogenes Is Most Likely Implicated In This Case?

A C-abl

B C-neu

C C-sis

D K-ras

E N-myc

answer / Explanation:

(d) Correct.
The Ras Gene Can Be Turned On By A Mutation To Make It An Oncogene.