In An Epidemiologic Study, "fallout" From Nuclear Bomb Testing And From Nuclear Power Plant Disasters Is Observed To Have Released Radioactive Isotopes Into The Environment. One Of These Isotopes Is Found To Be Strontium-90. It Is Observed That The Strontium-90 In Soils Goes Into The Food Chain And Eventually Contaminates Milk Products.

This Contamination Is Most Likely To Increase The Risk For Which Of The Following Neoplasms?

A Kaposi Sarcoma Of Skin

B Small Cell Anaplastic Carcinoma Of Lung

C Osteosarcoma

D Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

E Endometrial Carcinoma


answer / Explanation:

(c) Correct.

The Fallout Includes Strontium-90, An Isotope That Can Be Taken Up Into Bone Just Like Calcium, But Promotes Neoplastic Transformation.