In An Experiment, Biologic Characteristics Of Neoplastic And Non-neoplastic Cells Are Analyzed In Culture. It Is Observed That Cell Division In Cells Derived From Malignant Neoplasms, But Not In Normal Cells, Is Aided By The Presence Of An Enzyme Which Repairs Progressive Chromosomal Shortening. The Lack Of Chromosomal Shortening Allows The Malignant Cells To Undergo Many More Divisions Than The Normal Cells.

Which Of The Following Enzymes Is Most Likely To Have This Effect?

A Reverse Transcriptase

B Dna Polymerase

C Telomerase

D Protein Kinase

E Topoisomerase

answer / Explanation:

(c) Correct.

The Telomerase Synthesizes Telomeric Chromosomal Ends. The So-called 'immortal' Neoplastic Cell Lines May Result From The Presence Of This Enzyme. Interfering With It May Promise A New Cancer Therapy.