A 32-year-old Woman Has Noted Dull Pelvic Pain For The Last Two Months. On Physical Examination There Is A Mass Palpated In The Right Lower Quadrant. An Abdominal Ultrasound Reveals An 8 Cm Mass Involving The Right Ovary. The Mass Is Surgically Excised. On Gross Inspection, The Surface Of The Mass Is Smooth, Is Not Adherent To Surrounding Pelvic Structure, And Is Cystic And Filled With Hair On Sectioning. On Microscopic Examination There Is Squamous Epithelium, Tall Columnar Glandular Epithelium, Cartilage, And Fibrous Connective Tissue.

Which Of The Following Neoplasms Is She Most Likely To Have?

A Choristoma

B Hamartoma

C Myxoma

D Teratoma

E Mesothelioma


answer / Explanation:

(d) Correct.

A Teratoma Is A Neoplasm Derived From Totipotential Germ Cells That Differentiate Into Tissues That Represent All Three Germ Layersرectoderm, Endoderm, And Mesoderm. When The Elements Are All Well Differentiated, The Neoplasm Is 'mature' (benign).