An 8-year-old Boy Has Complained Of Difficulty Swallowing For The Past Month. On Physical Examination He Has A Palpable, Firm Mass In The Right Neck. A Head Ct Scan Reveals A 7 Cm Solid Soft Tissue Mass Lateral To The Esophagus On The Right. A Biopsy Of This Mass Demonstrates Pleomorphic Spindle Cells That Are Cytokeratin Negative, Cd45 Negative, And Vimentin Positive. Further History Indicates That This Boy Was Affected By Fetal Alcohol Syndrome And He Does Poorly In School.

Which Of The Following Neoplasms Is He Most Likely To Have?

A Wilms Tumor

B Rhabdomyosarcoma

C Neuroblastoma

D Ewing's Sarcoma

E Malignant Lymphoma


answer / Explanation:

(e) Correct.

This Is One Of The More Common Childhood Tumors Of Soft Tissue. Sarcomas Tend To Be Vimentin Positive, While Carcinomas Are Cytokeratin Positive And Lymphomas Cd45 Positive.