A 66-year-old Man Has A Routine Physical Examination And A Stool Sample Proves Positive For The Presence Of Occult Blood. He Undergoes Colonoscopy And A 5 Cm Sessile Mass Is Present In The Sigmoid Colon. Biopsy Of The Mass Yields A Diagnosis Of Adenocarcinoma. A Chest X-ray Shows Multiple 1 To 3 Cm Nodules In Both Lungs.

Presence Of Which Of The Following In The Neoplastic Cells Is Most Likely To Explain The Presence Of Lung Nodules?

A Vimentin

B Leukocyte Common Antigen

C Laminin Receptor

D Telomerase

E Dna Topoisomerase Ii


answer / Explanation:

(c) Correct.

Laminin Receptors Allow Neoplastic Cells To Attach More Readily To Basement Membranes.