A 45-year-old Man Has Felt Increasingly Fatigued For The Past 8 Months. There Are No Remarkable Physical Examination Findings. Laboratory Studies Show A Wbc Count Of 250,000/microliter. A Bone Marrow Biopsy Is Performed That Shows The Marrow Is 100% Cellular With An Increase In Both Mature Myeloid Cells And Their Precursors. Cytogenetic Analysis Of The Marrow Reveals Cells With A 9:22 Translocation.

Which Of The Following Is Most Likely To Be Involved In This Process?

A Bcr

B C-neu

C C-sis

D K-ras

E N-myc


answer / Explanation:

(a) Correct.

This Is The 'philadelphia Chromosome' In Which The Oncogene Abl Is Spliced Onto The Bcr Region Of Chromosome 22, Resulting In Increased Tyrosine Kinase Activity.