A 29-year-old Woman Feels A Nodule In Her Neck. On Examination There Is A Firm 2 Cm Mass In The Right Lobe Of Her Thyroid. A Fine Needle Aspiration Shows Cells Consistent With Papillary Carcinoma. 2 Years Ago She Had A Lobular Carcinoma Excised From Her Left Breast. Her 31-year-old Sister Was Recently Diagnosed With Endometrial Carcinoma. Over 3 Generations, 16 Of 24 Close Relatives Have Had A Malignancy, Most Diagnosed Before Age 35.

Which Of The Following Most Likely Explains The Increased Risk For Cancer In These People?

A Autosomal Dominant Cancer Syndrome

B Defective Dna Repair Syndrome

C Germline Mosaicism

D Multifactorial Inheritance

E Teratogen

F Viral Infection


answer / Explanation:

(d) Correct.

Cancer That Runs In Families Often Does Not Have A Clearly Defined Pattern Of Inheritance And Does Not Have A Specific Genetic Marker. Familial Cancers Should Be Suspected When Cancers Occur At A Younger Age, Multiple Family Members Are Involved, And Multiple Sites Are Involved. The Sites Of Involvement (breast, Colon, Thyroid, Kidney, Ovary) Are Similar To Those For Sporadic Cancers.