A 40-year-old woman has had a feeling of abdominal discomfort for the past 8 months. On pelvic examination, there is a right adnexal mass. An abdominal CT scan demonstrates a 7 cm cystic mass involving the right ovary with small areas of calcification. The uterus is normal in size. The right fallopian tube and ovary are removed surgically. Grossly, the mass on sectioning is filled with abundant hair and sebum. Microscopically, the mass has glandular spaces lined by columnar epithelium, squamous epithelium with hair follicles, cartilage, and dense connective tissue.

Which of the following statements regarding this type of neoplasm is most appropriate?

A A sarcomatous element is usually present.

B A human papillomavirus infection preceded development of this mass.

C Metastases are unlikely to be present.

D Primitive immature tissues resembling those from an embryo can usually be seen.

E Such a mass is often seen to arise in the testis.

Answer / Explanation:

The cystic nature and circumscribed appearance of the mass are consistent with a mature cystic teratoma, which contains tissues representing all germ layers of the embryo.