A patient w/ COPD is vomiting. Pulmonary disease and vomiting are of equal severity. The arterial blood gas are most likely to exhibit which of the following changes in arterial pH, arterial carbon dioxide (PaCO2) and bicarbonate(HCO3)

Increased= Inc
Decreased= Dec
Normal= Norm

A. Norm ph, Norm PaCO2, Norm HCO3
B. Dec pH, Inc PaCO2, Dec HCO3
C. Inc pH, Dec PaCO2, Inc HCO3

D. Norm pH, Inc. PaCO2, Inc. HCO3
E. Norm pH, Dec. PaCO2, Dec. HCO3

I think its C, vomiting cause Metabolic Alkalosis(Inc.), which causes Dec PaCO2 (resp alkalosis) but shouldn't it be Dec pH b/c its acidic.?